Sample Software Programs and Tutorials

by Tom Irvine

Tutorial Description
An Introduction to Random Vibration. A random vibration signal is analyzed in terms of its histogram, probability density function, and descriptive statistics.
Power Spectral Density Units [ G^2 / Hz ]. The bandpass filtering method is used to demonstrate a power spectral density calculation.
Integration of the Power Spectral Density Function:
The overall GRMS value is obtained by integration, for log-log format.

Introduction to the Shock Response Spectrum:    A digital recursive filtering relationship is developed from the convolution integral.
Software Description
Executable Code
This program accepts an acceleration, velocity, or displacement power spectral density function. Given one of these functions, the program then integrates or differentiates as appropriate to find the other two functions. The program also calculates the overall level of each of the three functions.
Sine vibration calculator:

1. Pure sine
2. Sine sweep
Units conversion calculator.
Additional tutorials and programs are available at: Vibrationdata


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