Redesigning America’s Schools: Saving a Nation At Risk
An Essay

The Center for School Redesign™ will help America’s school leaders to increase the success of ALL students by facilitating the redesign of schools. The Center offers services tailored to the specific district or school situation. 

These services include consulting and materials for

• Strategic Planning
• Redesigning Schools for Small Learning
  Communities and Teacher Collaboration

• Curriculum Development
• Assessment Development
• Leadership for Teacher Collaboration
• School and District Needs Assessment
• School and District Program  Evaluation
• Individual Coaching for Leaders
• Action Learning Groups for Leaders

Principals and other school leaders are in charge of what goes on in the school.  They must demonstrate their knowledge and commitment to improving learning results and the changes necessary for improvement.  A recent meta-analysis of research on leadership in schools found significant, positive correlations between student achievement and these leadership responsibilities:
• the principal’s communicating strong ideals and beliefs about schooling and

• the principal’s knowledge of practices, and involvement in the design and implementation, of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.* 
The Center for School Redesign™ supports and facilitates the work of school leaders.  We work with leaders to build their knowledge and skills related to the redesign efforts to be undertaken in the school.  School leaders take the “lead role” in introducing, explaining, and training for changes in the school.  The Center offers training and coaching for leaders as well as support by providing materials, workshop design, planning assistance, and evaluation and monitoring services.  The Center plays a supporting role in the delivery of training to staff and may be present at the training sessions, but the school and district leaders play the prominent role in all sessions.

The benefit of this approach is that teachers get the message of change directly from their leaders who demonstrate

• their ideals and beliefs about schooling;

• their knowledge of, and involvement in, curriculum, instruction, and assessment design
and implementation; and

• their commitment to, and passion for, the change.

*Marzano, R. J., Waters, T., & McNulty, B. A. (2005). School leadership that works: From research to results. Alexandria, VA.: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

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